Picking Huckleberries

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Huckelberries grow in abundance in the forests of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming that surround Island Park.
The Huckleberry is a delicious berry and a cousin of the Blueberry. It even looks like a miniature Blueberry and tastes somewhat similar. However, the Huckleberry is sweeter and, frankly, the more delicious of the two.
The Mountain Huckleberry is the State Fruit of Idaho and one among many types of Huckleberries that can be found.
Many people enjoy picking Huckelberries as a yearly tradition. It is a true labor of love that may entail hours of hiking and picking to get enough berries to make anything substantial.
The trick is finding where the Huckleberries are. People tend to keep their Huckleberry spots secret like fishermen do with their favorite fishing holes. Here are some tips to help you find Huckleberries (illustrated by photo below).
1. Huckleberries like a lot of shade so they grow best in the openings among trees where they are not exposed to lots of direct sunlight.
2. Huckleberries tend to grow better on slopes. South facing slopes tend to yield Huckleberries earlier and in higher numbers.
3. Huckleberries grow best in Idaho between 5,000 and 7,000 feet. Start looking at the lower elevations in later July and move up in elevation as the season progresses.
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Huckleberry bushes