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I grew up in Boise and started vacationing in Island Park after my husband first brought me here in 1997.

Over the next several years we vacationed in Island Park frequently: camping, fishing, boating, ATVing and snowmobiling.

Finally, in 2013 my husband and I were able to buy our first cabin in Island Park. We have since sold that cabin and bought three others: two for vacation rental and one as our eventual home.

With all the cabin and home shopping, buying and selling throughout the years, it has taught me a lot about the real estate market. Because of this along with my experience with property management my good friend suggested I should get a real estate agent license and join her in the business. So, I did!

Well destiny was on our side. Shortly after I became a licensed real estate agent our dream of living in Island Park year-round became a reality when my husband was offered an early retirement package from his longtime employer in Boise. It didn’t take us a second to decide this was our opportunity to make our dream come true. I listed and sold our home in Boise and we moved to Island Park permanently on August 31, 2019.

I hope you will let me put my passion for Island Park to work for you. Whether it is selling or buying I will work hard to help make your dreams become a reality too.


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